A collection of ceramic vases

STUDIOSAMLINDERS is a creative studio that constantly experiments with materials, surfaces, colours and shapes. By combining industrial techniques with a human touch, we strive to create something truly exceptional. The result of this dual approach is a stunning collection of vases that are both functional and works of art. 

The fluid shape of the vases gives them a sense of movement and vibrancy, making them stand out in any space they are placed in. The vases are unglazed, embracing the natural colour and texture of the clay. The interior is glazed to ensure water resistance. 

Each vase is minimalistic yet unique from every perspective, making it a statement object that never bores. 

With their array of heights, shapes and colours the vases can be mixed and matched in any possible way. Whether you opt for a single vase or have multiple pieces together, you can be certain that the vases will bring a playful element to any home. 

In those specific pieces there is used terracotta clay. That gives the vases the well known mediterrane terracotta red orange colour.  

Size of the vases is M which means the diameter is around 7cm. The heights are all different and start from 4 cm to 25. Prices are depended on size and height. 

Press contact for inquiry. 


    material: TERRACOTTA CLAY
    degrees: 1050C
    product: VASE / OBJECT technique: EXTRUDED + HANDMOLDED