“Leather and denim have so much in common. They both have the potential to drape on the body in the same way. They are both durable and also wear into their own look. In the end, when a person ‘wears into’ their leather or denim piece – it becomes personal. It lasts forever and wears into itself depending on who wears it and how they wear it. We needed to understand how to recreate this fine denim twill and two tone effect and keeping at the same time the softness of the material. 

After some buffing of the tips it began to look just like the two-tone of a denim fabric.

To create the same structure of denim, we actually took a real denim fabric that was heavy and a bit more thick. After much experimenting we imitated and recreated the structure of this denim look and then replicated it in different colours. What we ended up with is leather that has the same structure as denim. It was like we tricked the leather into thinking it was another material. 

We wanted to give the look, drape, colour and two tone effect that denim is known for, so that people would wonder what this material is. It looks like denim but when you come close you actually recognise it as being leather.


(Text and photo’s by ECCO LEATHER)

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