An experiment through brushing, polishing and milling that brings endless colour options.

The look and feel of a well worn shoe or coat is both soft, and dual toned. Worn in parts, it features layers of colour depending on what the leathers have been treated with. But the look isn’t always matched with how much you adore it. We wanted the best of both worlds – the worn in feel, but the opulent finish in the one material. We took that ‘worn in look’ and instead ‘faked’ it using two colours – which means the colour options are endless.

We wanted a genuine look, so we went for two shine options. 

One is a more silky shine that is not too dull but also not super shiny – more a modern semi shine that gives the feeling of a dull leather but has the deepness of a shiny leather. The other finishing is like a liquid effect – a super liquid shine that enhances the deepness of colours while creating a natural two-tone. The intention of this collection is to give the leather the look as if it was brushed off or ‘worn in’.  What happens when we wear a leather piece, is that the surface brushes off and ends up highlighting areas on the garment or product. We wanted to give the same effect, so carefully selected two colours in each leather and treated them with several machines to let the two-tone appear.

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    Leather development
    Leather design
    Research in aged leather products
    Research in brush off effect
    Concept development
    Leather finishing