The founding series of leathers that began it all we call it ICONS, the essential collection. These 7 leathers determined the Ecco leather standerd, inspiring creativity through production methods, experimental techniques and design developments. Evolved and experimented. ICONS form the basis of every Ecco leather collection 

VESPER – Just like marble, pebble base using a marble stone to create a full and fluffy feeling. Polished, delicate pebbling over time, silky feeling with a spongy touch. 

EVERMEMOR – It remembers everything, the main idea behind this was always the memory. Wax provides memory and those series of leather the wax is infused into the leather, which causes the leather to change shape. It ages well overtime and has a pull-up surface where the bend is lighter. The more its worn the better it becomes with a natural shine.

APPARITION –  Inspired by Ancient Egyptians’ use of parchment, originally a yellow, hard and translucent but unusable product. The challenge was to focus on that translucence but make it colourful and usable. By using oils and glycerin, we recreated that translucence in rich colours and subsequently made one of the most sustainable leathers on the planet, in the process.

COBBLE – Voluminous pebble that is really soft and feels like a sponge. A milling treatment for over 24 hours to make it really soft, and intensify its naturally fine lines.

VELVET SKIN – A leather that looks and feels like velvet. Super luxurious and powdery touch. It has depth and dimension in colour. Able to be written with a fingers touch. A nubuck that was created by buffing the surface. 

NOBLE –  The inspiration was horseback riding, that classic leather look that almost seems like an oil spill shine sits on the top. The initial prototypes were made with oil and had a rugged feel, but it grew into a more luxurious calf leather product. 

EXTREME W – Supreme waterproofing, smooth supple and round leather with high performance and ages well over time

(text and photo’s by ECCO LEATHER)

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